General information about the firm


General information about Wenckebach

The purpose of this document is to make available information that the lawfirm Wenckebach (Wenckebach) is obliged to provide pursuant to sections 6:230a-230e of the Dutch Civil Code.

Key Data

Wenckebach is a partnership incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands that consists of limited liability  companies.

Address: Nieuwe Gracht 49 te Haarlem
VAT number: NL 8159.40.294.B01.
Trade Registry Number: 34333314

Wenckebach does not have a third party account.

Lawyers / Laws and Regulations

All lawyers of Wenckebach are attorneys at law (advocaat) and members of the Dutch Bar Association, Neuhuyskade 94, 2596 XM The Hague, The Netherlands, tel. +31 70 335 35 35, In addition all of the lawyers are members of the Bar Association of Noord Holland, Kruisweg 70, 2011 LG Haarlem, The Netherlands, tel. +31 23 5530 180,

Wenckebach and its lawyers are subject to the laws and regulations that apply to Dutch attorneys at law, which laws and regulations, amongst others, include the Dutch Attorney Act (Advocatenwet) and all rules  and codes of conduct pertaining thereto. In accordance with Dutch law, law firms are under the obligation to establish the identity of clients, under certain circumstances, before accepting an assignment and report unusual transactions to the authorities. Please seek further advice if you have questions on this law. For further information reference is made to the Dutch website of Bureau Financieel Toezicht

General Terms and Conditions

The Wenckebach general terms and conditions apply to all services rendered by Wenckebach. The general terms and conditions have been submitted to you separately and can be reviewed and downloaded at: Upon request a copy of the terms and conditions will be made available free of charge.

In accordance with the general terms and conditions, Dutch law applies to the services rendered. All disputes shall be exclusively submitted to the competent court in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

The fees and expenses that apply to our services and the scope of work of the services have been communicated to you separately. If the fees, expenses and/or scope of work is unclear to you, please inform us immediately.

Professional Liability Insurance

Wenckebach has a professional liability insurance with Allianz which covers liability for an amount of EUR 5,000,000 per event with a maximum of EUR 10,000,000 per annum. If in the opinion of a client, a specific matter assigned to Wenckebach requires a higher insurance coverage, please advise us accordingly. A higher insurance coverage may be arranged on a case by case basis.

Complaints Procedure

Complaints about services rendered by Wenckebach can be submitted to the complaints officer at Wenckebach. Wenckebach has an internal complaints procedure, a copy of which is available upon request. Complaints will be settled in accordance with the internal complaints procedure. Wenckebach is not a party to any external complaints commissions.